Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christmas, Carnivals, and Creeper Crawlers

Hey folks! It's been an eventful couple of weeks, which I can only summarize with a proper alliteration of C's.

1. Christmas - what?

Yes, that is correct. Christmas in August! My sister has lived in South Korea for the past couple of years and has only been able to come home for a short time during the summers. Because of this my mom decided to throw her a little Christmas surprise during her recent visit. We decorated the Sunday before she arrived; a festivity made complete with holiday tunes and a fake Christmas tree. Throughout the week many guests arrived. First, my sister and her beau from Korea (he's a New Yorker also teaching English there), followed by my brother and his gal from Oregon and my sister's childhood bestie and her husband from San Diego. It was a full house at the 'rents. We balled our eyes out during “The Fault in our Stars.” Us girls kayaked the Channel Island harbor while the boys tested their dexterity at the shooting range. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner Saturday night and opened stockings the next morning. It was nice having everyone together again (and adding some friendly faces to the mix!). It was too short of a visit but I'm glad we could make it happen!

Michelle, me, Amanda, momma, and sista Dawn
 Euc and Amanda's hubby, Ian, enjoying dinner on the patio
Team Vickers
 My brother, Daniel, being a turd & Michelle being cute
 Euc and Dawn with a photobombing Ryan
Ryan and I opening stockings
 My mom showing off her cute Vietnam apron courtesy of Dawn
 Saying goodbye :(

2. Carnival!

Last Friday my company hosted its annual company picnic. The theme this year was "Shoebilee" (insert courtesy laugh for the cleverness here). No but really, I underestimated this by a long shot. I thought it would be decorated like a carnival... maybe some face painting and a juggler for the kids... some popcorn perhaps. But it was clear Thursday afternoon as I saw a Ferris wheel being constructed right before my eyes that this was really going to be a carnival. But even Friday morning as my co-workers and I wondered about what the growing carnival would entail, we joked that there would be a pony ride. But later that afternoon as I regretfully scaled to the top of the Zipper, I looked below and noticed a couple ponies taking some kids for a ride. Whaaat? And a petting zoo! It was the best carnival ever because it had everything I wanted AND it was all free. AND I won a prize. My only regret is denying the coveted cotton candy upon first entrance (because I wanted a real meal first) only to come to terms that the cotton candy machine overheated and was out of service by the time I finished dinner. Sigh... but let's be real. I can't complain.

3. Creepy Crawlers ><

Friday night after the carnival, me and the hub went to go see a movie only to find ants crawling ALL OVER the inside of the car. Okay, dramatizing. They weren't everywhere, but they were all along the driver side door, the center console, and some were even stranded on the dashboard. I. was. pissed. and tired. And my complaining of said ants may not have been enjoyable to said husband. So what's the update? Well the picture below was taken on Tuesday... after paying $4 for a mass vacuum attack on Saturday. Last night I covered the ant trail with banking soda and that has slowed them down a lot. My next plan of attack is to get the entire car professionally cleaned, spray the tires with raid, and perhaps set up some ant bait. There better not be a queen living in the deep dark crevices of my car! urghhhh. As I've been writing all of this, I have been battling ants on my water bottle, across my hand, and over my keyboard. I just carry them with me wherever I go... you may wanna back away before I really snap.

Post Script:

As a bonus C alliteration, I'll add in that I had a lovely day at Castaic on Sunday with some pretty fly folks.

Happy Humpday and goodnight!